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Got a good idea? Test it with a prototype (MVP)
Don't miss your chance! Realize your idea with a professional team in 2 weeks!
  • Cross-Platform Game Prototype Will Let You:
  • Attract investors and sponsors with a visualization of your idea!
  • Act as a player and see what they will love and what will fall flat!
  • Get a clear vision of monetization ways!

Full Cycle

Game Development

Our services:
  • Game Design
  • Sound Production
  • 2D/3D Art
  • Video Production
  • High Quality Programming
  • Testing
  • Management
  • Creating Marketing Materials
  • Unity
  • Corona SDK
  • Cocos 2d
  • objective-c
  • We like doing things that seem impossible to others

  • You enjoy not just your game, but the process of creating it

  • We hear you: all your requests are tracked, so nothing will be missed

  • You feel involved in the process, with open access to team, regular meetings and weekly reports

  • We don't just develop games: for us it's something more!

Developed by us
Don't miss your chance! Realize your idea with a professional team in 2 weeks!
  • 3D Racing
    About the project
    The 3d racing is the genre of 3d video games in which the players enters in a racing competition with cars. They may be based on anything from real-world racing leagues to entirely fantastical settings. You can choose one from a dozen of super cars which could be drove in various routes that having different complexity and beauty. A competition with live opponent and its excitement carry great importance. Furthermore, this game is absolutely unique and innovative in the world of racing.
  • Tap the Bug
    About the project
    It’s the best casual game for fan of the genre. Enjoy the game procces. With this TapTap adventure time spins away unnoticeably. Gather the biggest crop fighting with harmful bugs and share your achievements with friends!
  • Droid Wars
    About the project
    Multiplayer game where you can create your own droids. Fight with your friends or create your team and participate in world championship. Proof for all that your team and droids the most stronger in the world. With your friends you can customize your own arena (obstacles, traps, special decoration with your clan symbols) and receive challenges from other teams. Use your advantage in your action fight strategy.
  • AwanaVerse
    About the project
    AwanaVerse is a game for children and their parents who want to learn Bible verses. The game helps to memorize Bible verses according to internetional Awana programme with help of various games. In the process of game children help the main characters to gather Bible pages scattered by the wind and so learn verses. In process of memorizing verses children will have an opportunity to play Memory game and 3-in-a-row game. After completing each level, players get an opportunity to learn new verse.
  • Beef Fest
    About the project
    Have you ever thought of becoming an organizer of the beer festival? Try it out! With our game, it's Just a breeze! Get all visitors drunk and don’t let them go to your competitors. Organize a festival about which no one will ever forget! Build bars, earn money and improve your buildings. Your visitors will be happy, because you think about the tastes and interests of everyone! Become the greatest organizer of festivals ever!
  • Bounty Hunter
    About the project
    With augmented reality effects, HD design, and various sceneries, this real-time cowboy shooter became engaging and visually attractive. To make the game truly exciting to play, we implemented character animation, using OpenGLES, and panoramic view, using PanoramaGL. Augmented reality effects were implemented with Accelerometer and Gyroscope tracking. To monetize the game, we used AdMob for displaying ads.
  • Trouble Dragons
    About the project
    Trouble Dragons was a puzzle game that we created for one of our customers. In the process of development, it evolved from a very basic puzzle into a game with fun characters and engaging plot. To make the game cross-platform, we built it on CoronaSDK. Monetization was implemented with ads using Chartboost ad platform. Flurry was used for analytics.
    About the project
    Cowboy Duel was our first game that used Realtime Multiplayer Challenges: for that, we developed our own solution, which worked well for us. With Game Center integration and GameSpy, we achieved multiplayer duels and leaderboards. We also integrated the game with Facebook for authorization and posting achievements, which helped to popularize the game. Google Analytics and Crittercism were used here for debug tracking and analytics.
    About the project
    Real Duel was the first attempt of our developers at creating multiplayer shooters. Its simple, but atmospheric art is inspired by “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” and has a characteristic sepia-styled look. At first, the game used Bluetooth to connect players in real time and simulate cowboy duels. Later we started using Game Center to implement multiplayer challenges. GoogleAnalytics was used to collect analytical data.
  • Fairy Lands
    About the project
    Originally, Fairy Lands was created for children and used colorful, fun art , as well as attractive animation to catch their attention and develop their memory. Later releases were adapted both for children and adults. Fairy Lands was built on Cocos2d engine and used other technologies, such as Flurry and Chartboost. Monetization was implemented using In-App Purchase.
  • Miners
    About the project
    Miners had a strong accent on attractive art, and was originally meant as a play-on-the go game that would help the player have some fun and kill some time. Miners was developed on Cocos2d game engine and used Flurry and Chartboost. To monetize the game, we implemented ads with AdMob and iAds, as well as added in-app purchases with In-App Purchase.
BidOn AR

Meet the future with
BidOn Games
Augmented Reality


2-3 weeks Sale
2- Developers, 1 - artist(2D/3D), 1 - PM, 1- QA
  • Basic art - the most important characters or elements of the environment
  • Basic mechanics
  • Basic sound effects
  • Basic functionality
  • Basic features

4 999 USD


1 month
2 - Developers, 1 - artist(2D/3D), 1 - PM, 1 - QA
  • Game prototyping - basic game mechanics and features implementation
  • Development of game design documentation
  • Concept Art - basic elements and characters
  • Promo video - 1 minute long promo video for promotion in the social networks
  • Marketing materials custom tailored pictures, advertising banners, etc
  • BONUS - you can use our database of publishers (We regularly visit the International conferences and keep in touch with the main publishers)

10 000 USD

Dev Team

up to 2 month
2- Developers, 1 - artist(2D/3D), 1 - PM, 1- QA
  • Game prototyping - game mechanics and features implementation
  • Concept Art - basic elements and characters
  • Support services
  • BONUS - you can use our database of publishers (We regularly visit the International conferences and keep in touch with the main publishers)

8 000 USD/month

Dev Team

more than 2 month
2- Developers, 1 - artist(2D/3D), 1 - PM, 1- QA
  • Become a long-term partner and get a discount on our services
  • Game mechanics
  • Game sound effects
  • Game functionality
  • QA and bug fixing

7 000 USD/month